Madrasa - Learning to Communicate

Madrasa - Learning to Communicate

What is Madrasa?

Madrasa is a social, educational, and technological organization that teaches
hundreds of thousands of Israelis to communicate in Arabic. Currently, over 95,000 Israelis are enrolled in at least one of Madrasa’s completely free colloquial Arabic courses. Additionally, Madrasa has over 200,000 monthly engagements with our various social media content. Madrasa also has partnerships with 50 different businesses, social service organizations, schools, universities, and government agencies that benefit from our educational and strategic projects.

Why Madrasa?

Sadly, roughly 95% of Jewish Israelis do not know how to communicate in Arabic, even though Arabic is the native language of 22% of the population in this region, is key to many Israelis familial, historical and cultural heritage and bears many similarities to Hebrew. Moreover, the importance of having a common language for communication is well known and has the potential to change individual’s perceptions and attitudes.

صورة لمعلم يدرس الأطفال اللغة العربية

Our Vision

Our vision is that the Arabic language will become a common denominator across the various ethnic, cultural and societal groups in Israel and will help turn transform Israeli society into one where in which all members of the society can communicate with each other fluently and without difficulty.

How do we get there

By changing the attitude and public opinion about the Arabic language and Arab people.

We do this by creating and exposing hundreds of thousands of followers to top-quality Arabic content on social networks and media. This content focuses on everyday personal interactions, highlighting the Arabic language in a positive light.

By making absolutely everyone a student!  

Over 100 people sign up for our online courses  daily, all of them reach our courses exclusively by  being exposed to our online content. Every month,  we start a new learning track in approximately 10  communities and organizations.

By teaching people to genuinely communicate 

our method combines the most advanced technological and pedagogical tools in the world  for language learning and is based on the Proficiency Approach. Our teaching focuses on practical tools designed to break down personal and social barriers, in order to make the Arabic  language and culture accessible in a positive and  humanizing manner. 

By creating conversation opportunities  

between native-speaking teachers and coaches and our vast student community: Speech practicing sessions occur across the country, we offer hybrid courses in local communities, as well as long-term pedagogical processes and large-scale educational programs in schools, universities, the National Student Union, the Israel Medicine Association, various government agencies.

By creating a social movement  

numbering hundreds of thousands. This is a movement that promotes an alternative discourse and a fresh outlook on communication and takes responsibility through learning, meeting, volunteering and advocating for public and institutional change.

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Our Team

תמונה של גילעד סוויט

Gilad Sevitt

Founder and R&D director. Holds a BA in Sociology, Anthropology, Arabic, and Buddhism. Lives in Jerusalem and is interested in ecology, music, and (obviously) languages.

תמונה של דניאל דותן

Daniel Dotan

Lawyer and social activist. Founder and CEO of Madrasa. A soccer addict, photographer, and writer of cryptic crosswords (only in Hebrew for now), and the father of Alma and Yahel.

תמונה של יניב גרשון

Yaniv Gershon

Website manager and content writer at Madrasa. Holds a BA in Information Science and Arabic from Bar Ilan University. Has knowledge of Arabic and a number of computer languages. His Holy Trinity is Arabic, technology and social change. Likes board games and healthy foods.

תמונה של לואיז דרורי

Louise Drori

VP of Business Development and Marketing at Madrasa. Establishes and manages business development departments in organizations combining the social, public and business for over a decade. Lives and breathes the world of marketing and sales and specializes in opening doors, creating opportunities and connecting people from different professional worlds.

תמונה של מיכל רוזן

Michal Rosen

Director of digital media at Madrasa team. Holds a BA in East Asian Studies and Likes languages. Learns Arabic and engages in creating content for networks, graphic design and teaching. practices Yoga and is a creative musician.

תמונה של סונדוס אלחות

Sondos Alhoot

Teacher and Presenter in Madrasa. A graduate of the Hebrew University, Sondos teaches Arabic and Hebrew in the US, and in the "Medabrot" program, She works in the Snunit program as an Arabic field coordinator, translator and content writer and mentors Arabic language teachers. Her dream is to establish her own school.

תמונה של ראע'ד עזאם

Raghed Azam

Produces digital content in Madrasa. Raghad is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Arabic and Islamic studies. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Italian Literature and Communication and works in translation (Arabic, Hebrew, English, French and Italian). She is the mother of Basbusa - a two-year-old cat

תמונה של שחף ברקאי

Shahaf Barkai

Administrative manager. Holds a Bachelor's Degree and a teaching certificate in History. Loves nature, people and animals. Believes that meeting and communication are the basis for creating an effective society and good relationships.

תמונה של אופיר לוגסי

Ofir Lugasi

Director of training and language activities at Madrasa. Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Middle East and Psychology from Ben Gurion University. Creator of the podcast "Tishrafna". In her free time, Ofir watches anime and studies Arabic.

תמונה של אורי יורוביץ

Ori Yurovitz

Director of Operations. A newly transplanted Jerusalemite who comes straight from Mitzpe Ramon. Ori loves books, music and cinema. He studies physics and philosophy at Hebrew University

Join the Revolution

People often ask us – why teach for FREE?? Why not take just a small amount from each student? HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE?

Our answer is clear – Each and every one of us deserves the opportunity to learn to communicate in Arabic.

We do not sell a “product”, or offer a hobby. We are all (our team, students and fans) promoting a social goal – to create a healthy, communicating society.

We came all this way thanks to thousands of people who believe – in us and in our social vision.

Join now!

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