About Us

Madrasa is about building communities who are able to communicate with each other. 

Madrasa’s mission:

Our work creates a positive connection between the Arabic language and society in Israel that forms the basis for better communication between various groups in our society. 

Madrasa’s vision:

To make Arabic a common denominator, and turn Israeli society into one where all members can genuinely communicate with each other.

Madrasa’s story:

Co-founders Gilad Sevitt and Daniel Dotan met in 2011 and began to discuss their dream of improving communications in their region. They devised a method of teaching unlike others, where short videos taught key words and phrases. Initially only online, Madrasa was born. As the student base grew, in person meet-ups were added which allowed students to practice what they were learning. Now Madrasa teaches Israelis of all ages, in various classes, courses and projects. 

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