Learning to Communicate

A social, educational, and technological organization that teaches hundreds of thousands of Israelis to communicate in Arabic.

Why are we here?

Because 95% of the Jewish people in Israel 

are not able to communicate in Arabic!

Although it is the mother tongue of 22% of the population in Israel, although many Jews have a family, cultural and historical connection to the language, despite the amazing proximity to the Hebrew language and despite the widespread understanding among the public in Israel that common language is a key factor for connection and encounter between the various groups.

What is our


To create a better, communicating Israeli society where Arabic is widely spoken and serves as a common denominator between the various groups

Our Theory of


How do we do it?


Open and free online school

The beating heart of a Madrasa. 150,000 Israelis are currently enrolled and studying Arabic at our free online school, which serves as the home for Arabic studies in Israel.

4 online courses

4 MOOCS (online courses) with hundreds of videos, thousands of exercises, discussion forums, and educational games.

A mobile app

A mobile app (beta version) that allows our students to learn from our courses and practice what they learn.

Content library

The largest content library in Israel for learning spoken Arabic.


The largest spoken Arabic dictionary for Hebrew speakers – with around 1,000,000 monthly views!


over 22,500 downloads a month!


Social Media & Public

We publishes dozens of educational and cultural posts every month on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and TikTok channels. We also reach a large audience through educational weekly spots on national radio channels. Our content reaches over 1,000,000 different people every year!

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Courses, Meet-ups and educational projects

We operates a long series of learning and educational activities around the Arabic language and culture. Alongside our national-level projects and collaborations, we offer courses taught by 35 talented teachers from all over the country, 90% of which are Arabs. 


Arab students from East Jerusalem teaching children (ages 10-14) in more than 30 schools in West Jerusalem, in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality.

Teaching public servants

We collaborate with over 10 governmental ministries, as well as the Teacher’s Union and the Israel Medical Association – promoting better and more equal public services and diverse & inclusive working environments.

‘Speaking Arabic’

National program with the Israeli Student Union in which over 50 Arab students teach thousands of Jewish students to communicate in Arabic in subsidized courses for a stipend.

‘Desert Stars’

A program that brings together Bedouin students who teach Arabic in a series of 1-on-1 meetups and communal meetups in Beersheva.

Learn to communicate in the community

People from all sectors of society meet in community centers, practice the language, break stigmas, and learn to get to know each other with the guidance of our teachers. In 2022 we held over 250 courses around the country, in which over 3,000 Israelis learned to communicate.

Taste how it feels:

Be a part of our movement

People often ask us – why teach for free? Why not take just a small amount from each student? Our answer is clear – Each and every one of us deserves the opportunity to learn to communicate in Arabic. It is crucial for building a new, more stable society in Israel, one that better communicates within itself and with the world around it.  

Alongside our language activities which provide us the ability to keep our work going, every development of new materials, new collaborations, new technologies that allow tens of thousands of people to learn – depends on the support of our beloved community. Together, we are building an infrastructure that has a huge impact on society. 

Join now and be part of a making a new society in Israel – one that can communicate in Arabic (Tax-deductible donations with JGive).

If you speak Hebrew, you can join our community and learn completely for free from our online courses, or join a course with one of our talented teachers here

We are always looking for opportunities to share with people the work we do. Connect us to your community! Contact us here

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